we make our own happiness

we make our own happiness

There were moments of speaking before the drought of not speaking and it was in one of these such moments that I had a long overdue conversation with my mother about our broken family.

She was quiet as I explained my heartbreak and when I was done she reminded me of a very important point.

I asked her how she has been so strong all of these years, and without thought or pause, she told me that you don’t let other people control your happiness.

She said that her father told her, when she was very young, strength of character is when someone spits in your face and you look at them and wipe it off. You wipe it off as if it is nothing and it means nothing to you.

You move on, you live your life.

Those that hurt you are nothing.

I told her that I was not that strong, she said, I know, you sweetie are stronger…

My grandfather was right.

Moved on but still dreaming up crazy adventures and living this life creating my own happiness while doing my part to document the happiness in others. #stronggrandpopstock #createyourownhappiness #dontmakefunofmydrawing #theichingofchingi #youarestronger #igotyou #yougotthis #liveyourlife

To all you love bugs out there carrying the weight of toxicity from broken relationships, please know that shouldering all of the weight is not your burden.  You don’t even have to carry any of it if you don’t want to.



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