It’s pronounced Ching-EEE

It’s pronounced Ching-EEE

Hello love bugs.

I have asked myself many, many, many times – what or who is a Chingi?

I’m an #Explorer, #Lovebeliever, #FoodNomNommer but above all else just a woman striving to keep a positive outlook in this sometimes dark world, while using my craft and imagination to touch as many hearts in as many ways as I can. I believe that we, this world, we are all a community, and that we each profoundly impact others by how we interact with our words and more importantly, our actions. I believe that in knowing this, we have a responsibility to humankind, to be kind, to uplift others, and to leave a tangible legacy of who we were, how we loved and who we loved.

It is so important to be documented. It is just as important to make art out of your life. This is why I’m passionate about being the curator of your moments. The highly appreciative, humble, and loving curator of beautiful vignettes from your life. My studio has always operated on one simple offering. I want you to invest in an artist that captures what you FEEL while we make real moments in real life. I ask you to give yourself permission to be human, to be vulnerable, and to let me tell your story though my images and films.

Loving what I do and passionately pursuing life here in Philadelphia with my loves and other like minded, curious and adventurous souls, makes me do the HAPPY dance. If you like to dance you get extra bonus points. We do a lot of sloppy dancing in my neck of the city. The kind of dancing that you just can’t un-see. Don’t worry, I’ve seen a lot of you happy dancing to your own drums over the past decade and a half and I can’t un-see that either nor would I ever want to. You see, happiness is created from within and I’m an advocate of doing whatever it is that makes you happy, say yes and do it (unless the it that you are doing can hurt yourself or others – don’t do those things, like ever) except for sloppy dancing, in which case, sometimes we can inflict harm on ourselves and others too but that’s just the chance you take.

I use a shit ton of commas and frequently write how I think, which can be grammatically incorrect and may even come out like one giant run on sentence spoken in tongue. Guess what, I don’t care. I’m still a dreamer, a glass is full-fuller, I’m a Do or do not. There is no try – Yoda lover =) As a photographer I believe I have an obligation to be your eyes, even when those eyes are closed. As a filmmaker I believe I have an obligation to be both eyes and ears, even when there are moments you may not know at the time that you could not ever live without having.  As an artist I believe I have an obligation to be your heart and to make all the things that make you feel all the feels.

As my business mentoring client, my newest muse or my OG love bug, I believe you have the right to Be You. Whoever or whatever you, you are. Just Be You. No one else can do it better. (oh, and do these things in front of my lens, I’ll thank you now and you’ll thank me later, often)

As far as who or what the eff is a Chingi… She’s a love bug just like you. Email me to chat more about my exclusive {a day in the life} or {a year in the life} photo/cinema adventure.

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